A string of high-profile child sex abuse cases has shone a bright lamp on this issue. Yet professionals, mandated reporters, remain largely in the dark.  Stronger communities might be one answer.

The death issue: a religious common ground.  [pitched]

Smokes or cigarettes? It’s all about death and taxes.

Green growth: the colorful future of infrastructure including the “How does Columbia measure up?” sidebar.

Travel around the world in eight letters: M-i-s-s-o-u-r-i.  [pitched]

Cigs had cachet. Now they’re on the outs.

A serious topic by Vox standards: cyberbullying and gender identity.

The highly-anticipated feature follow up to the viral video smash hit on cycling in suits and summer dresses. [pitched]

Halloween weekend, Super(hero) Saturday.

Your rooms are bare. Buy some wall candy.

Music, Arts, Books

Good concert for a warm Tuesday night in November.  [pitched]

A fun group of guys making a living on sweet melodies. Plus, a quick-hit Q/A with the frontman.

Mary & The Giant’s second effort.  [pitched]

Pick a card, any card.  [pitched]

Intarsia? It’s wood, and then some.

Resolutions, resolutions. Hello, literary help.


Movie Review: Inside Job

Movie Review: Catfish

Vault’s Italian coffee puts Starbucks to shame. [pitched]

Enjoy a Saturday night crawl.

Need something to do around Columbia this fall?

Back of book

Pets are a job, just not mine.

Where would you eat a fast-food Thanksgiving?

How did you hear about the birds and the bees?

Adopt a pet, save the world (and some money).


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