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The beginning

The school year persists as the oddest method of measuring time. Students begin three-quarters of the way through a traditional calendar, take a break during the winter holidays and return for a few months before concluding in the middle of … Continue reading

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Difference of opinion

“Others” could be the title of a new sci-fi flick. Or a horror film. M. Night Shyamalan, anyone? In academic research, the word refers to a different viewpoint. Media outlets often receive criticism for reporting with liberal or conservative biases. That’s … Continue reading

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Inferiority complex: newspapers and your voice

Money might make the world go round, but for journalism, money clouds the future. I’ve followed the research of Iris Chyi for my thesis. She proposed that online news could be viewed as an “inferior good.” Objectively, she’s right. Online … Continue reading

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Journalism! Now with 10 percent less quality

Another top reporter has left The Washington Post, completing the exodus hat trick. The paper retains none of the three reporters who won numerous awards, including a 2006 Pulitzer, for their investigation of Jack Abramoff. Then a powerful D.C. lobbyist, … Continue reading

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Spelling B

Change is constant, but spelling might not win the day in a fight for proper grammar. Interestingly, the issue of correct spelling and grammar have popped up in two well-known titles. Wired published an article arguing that evolving language positively benefits a … Continue reading

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