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The wait for “I’m sorry”

This is an emotional piece of writing passed along to me today by my friend Matt. Several other friends who commented on my Facebook post said things like, “Goosebumps” or “Made my morning.” Be prepared. From The Oregonian: “As the … Continue reading

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Because lists work

Interesting journalism news abounds this week, including some great rebuttals to the newsmakers. • A defense of journalism in contrast to the study that found a reporter’s job to lie among the worst. • One author’s keen answer to the … Continue reading

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Ailing advice

Fox News CEO Roger Ailes spoke to students at UNC last week. His comments were mildly irritating to a budding journalist like me. Believing him becomes a tough sell when he says, “I think you ought to change your major,” but … Continue reading

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Spelling B

Change is constant, but spelling might not win the day in a fight for proper grammar. Interestingly, the issue of correct spelling and grammar have popped up in two well-known titles. Wired published an article arguing that evolving language positively benefits a … Continue reading

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Paying in change

The headlines about newspaper economics make our industry sound like a fiefdom, with all the weak serfs fleeing toward the protective walls built of $100 bills. One in 10 U.S. daily newspapers now has a paywall or subscription service. The L.A. … Continue reading

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