Difference of opinion

“Others” could be the title of a new sci-fi flick. Or a horror film. M. Night Shyamalan, anyone?

In academic research, the word refers to a different viewpoint. Media outlets often receive criticism for reporting with liberal or conservative biases. That’s another topic, but related to the concept of others.

To be good journalists, we have to not only acknowledge worldviews that don’t conform with ours, but we must also read, watch and listen to these “others.”

I probably don’t do enough of this. Falling into a pattern of comfortable conformity becomes an efficient and unhealthy media diet. Giving some time — maybe not equal time, but more than a passing glance — to opinions we might disagree with makes us better writers.

Most significantly, as we read differing views, we are less hasty to say which part of an issue holds importance and more likely to gather a better breadth of information for any given story.

Parts of the following links speak to attitudes and ideas I don’t agree with, but all of them make a point and start a conversation:

• Social media won’t replace journalism.

Solitary brilliance can happen.

• Graduates have more intelligence than some would give them credit for.

• Yes, your parents still count.

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