Spelling B

Change is constant, but spelling might not win the day in a fight for proper grammar.

Interestingly, the issue of correct spelling and grammar have popped up in two well-known titles. Wired published an article arguing that evolving language positively benefits a changing, updated society.

On the other hand, Inc. ran an editor’s letter in this month’s issue that praised copyediting and other grammatically correct editors for their work.

This debate isn’t one. I don’t like tradition for tradition’s sake, and Lee Simmons, a copy editor for Wired, gave the best reason for the upkeep of proper spelling: consistency.

If each person who wants to communicate turns writing into a  choose-your-own-adventure exercise, the efficiency of written language ceases, buried in the multiplying variants of the word “demise.”

Some might wrongly argue that loosening the grammar reins will carve the path to easier communication. Truth lies in the opposite direction. Learning several versions of each word will complicate the message. After all, communicating a message remains the goal of writing.

And what of the tricksters in our language? Hello, homophones and homonyms.

Abbreviations work in texting and Twitter, but a few extra letters in their proper order make the writing world go round. Spelling bee, anyone?

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