IQ. Interesting, quality

Enough of days of Daisey. You can read him in his own (truthful?) words if you care to.

I want to talk about jobs. I don’t have one. Neither does my roommate. We’re also still in school, so no worries. He’s searching, and I’m looking for an internship this summer.

But as the economy shows signs of rolling downhill, picking up steam, the journalism industry does still face the prospect of fractured audiences and declining revenues.

The L.A. Times laid off staff today while other outlets search for a balance between “gutter journalism”  — cat videos anyone? — and substantive, quality work.

Readers want in-depth coverage, even at the LAT. Editors around the country will tell you that no Potion No. 9  exists for the future. We might rely more on citizen photographs, community tips, digital-only content or cell-phone video. Maybe none of those options will pan out.

Audiences will read good stories that promise accurate reporting and extraordinary writing. Those two qualities make journalism a cornerstone of society (and a good reprieve from watching cat videos on YouTube).

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