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A picnic with links and crumpets

Spring, maybe summer, graces the country. These links are best enjoyed in a grassy space. • Which states are reading which news sources [map] • Tips for not burning out in the journalism industry • How to publish a blog … Continue reading

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The magical story-idea generator

Story ideas are the currency of the journalism industry. Generating good ones assures a steady stream of work. Story ideas exist in deceptive forms, though. They abound in every moment of the day, but they can also be tough to … Continue reading

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Wit’s soul

There are two terrible questions a person should never ask. “Can I ask a question?” Grammatically incorrect, and you already did. “How long should the paper/article/column/video be?” As long as it needs to be and as short as possible. I … Continue reading

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IQ. Interesting, quality

Enough of days of Daisey. You can read him in his own (truthful?) words if you care to. I want to talk about jobs. I don’t have one. Neither does my roommate. We’re also still in school, so no worries. … Continue reading

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Another voice in the Daisey debate

Journalists: helping separate fact from fiction for more than 400 years. “Journalism is science. It begins with research: observing, analyzing, seeking expert opinions, gathering data and challenging lazy thinking and assumptions. At the end, the results should be the best … Continue reading

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