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Stumbling on success

NYT media writer David Carr explained the ludicrous headlines accompanying Jeremy Lin’s rise. “Sometimes the road to excess ends up in the ditch.” The same goes for the real world. Success is good. Ignorance and inhospitality is not. Case: the banker who … Continue reading

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Fluxing back to the future

In Back to the Future, Doc Brown invents the flux capacitor to enable time travel. Fluxing is still the way to stay ahead in a working world where the 9-to-5 is vanishing in favor of “portfolio careers” and personal mission statements. This … Continue reading

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Across the horizon line

Life is multifaceted. After that is anyone’s guess. These are details of my current life: I attend graduate school, and therefore my days are largely consumed with reading and writing, writing and reading. I train six days a week for … Continue reading

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A fleeting non-manifesto

Manifestos. Declarations. Edicts. They’re popular these days because they give an air of credibility and history to something as mundane as bicycling, but even the best rightly expire after 19 years. What about a single day? Can we create something that … Continue reading

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A case for nothing

Many have questioned the constant striving toward work and money, but few have laid those arguments in such elegant prose. From a 2004 Harper’s essay: “What we’re leaving behind today, at record pace, is what­ever belief we might once have … Continue reading

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