And the circle is round

I’m not sure how this thread/timeline/interweave-of-music-related-ideas got started in my head, but there is a chance I was spacing out while thinking about my thesis.

President Obama gives his 2008 election victory speech, in which he alludes to Sam Cooke’s song “A Change is Gonna Come.”

A change did arrive when former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel leaves the White House to run for mayor of Chicago, and his campaign gives rise to a fake Twitter feed, @MayorEmanuel.

Dan Sinker

Creator of said feed, Dan Sinker — who’s well on his way to looking like a member of ZZ Top, compiles the tweets in a book, “The F***ing Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel.”

Wilco’s lead man, Jeff Tweedy, performs a cover of the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling” at a book release party.

Tweedy’s 2006 solo tour spawned a DVD that was directed by Fugazi’s drummer, Brendan Canty.

Fugazi started in Washington, D.C., in the late ’80s, where a kid named Damian Kulash watched them.

Kulash goes on to form what’s been called “the first post-Internet band,” OK Go.

OK Go performs at President Obama’s birthday party this past August.

Obviously inspired by his musical surroundings, President Obama sings Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” at the Apollo last week.

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