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Interaction call to action

On being more creative with the future of design and media. “A tool addresses human needs by amplifying human capabilities. … With an entire body at your command, do you seriously think the Future Of Interaction should be a single finger?” … Continue reading

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Science sifters: How a good story relates to perfume and global warming

Science affects our lives in a cross-sectional way, everything from perfumes and languages to pop culture and photos. It links government policy and education. Science is life, especially for the 1-percenters. The intersection of science and journalism has been overlooked. That’s why I value my role with … Continue reading

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And the circle is round

I’m not sure how this thread/timeline/interweave-of-music-related-ideas got started in my head, but there is a chance I was spacing out while thinking about my thesis. President Obama gives his 2008 election victory speech, in which he alludes to Sam Cooke’s … Continue reading

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A question for you

Language is funny because the word itself has wide-ranging meanings. Are we talking about math, music, love, English, French, Catalan? What about dialects of those languages? In David Foster Wallace‘s 2001 Harper’s article “Tense Present” I have a convincing argument for … Continue reading

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Watch your words

Words are powerful, but the most emotional impacts come with context. There are certain words tied to specific historical events that impart these terms with meanings and memories that render them nearly unfit for use. How did “hijack” resonate before … Continue reading

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