So easy, a journalist can do it

Students can’t search effectively. Overgeneralization, I know, but students performed badly enough in an Illinois Wesleyan study to warrant a large infographic.

Students and journalists both need tools, web-based tools in particular. The caveman had his ax and spear, the carpenter has his wood plane and lathe, and we have the largest (free!) database in history on the Internet.

• One of my editors passed along tips and tools from a conference she attended.

• MediaBistro has tricks for mobile blogging.

• Chrome-specific apps and plug-ins are available too.

Perhaps the most overlooked tool in our formidable and growing arsenal is the simple act of reading. We are writers and editors, but what we create is meant to be read, therefore, we should read smart stories.

In our digital world, there’s an argument for looking, watching, playing, interacting, listening and engaging with other types of well-reported content too.

After all, we earn a living creating the stories that bind our societies. They’d better be good.

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