Read and be happy

Good writing does not need to be quarantined in the realm of non-fiction biographies and daily news stories. Nor do beautiful sentences hide only in the pages of well-crafted fiction. Good writing and moving prose can be found in blog posts and court cases. Judges in particular have a wry sense of humor and the knack for sturdy phrases.

From the Thought Catalog blog:
“If I were a banned book, I’d be cupboards and wardrobes and the hidden door under a stairwell in which lives the boy who lived. I’d be beanstalks and magic shoes and godmothers, winged and otherwise. I’d be potion poultice poetry. I’d be words wings wizardry.”

And from a famous obscenity case, Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition:
“Our society, like other cultures, has empathy and enduring fascination with the lives and destinies of the young. Art and literature express the vital interest we all have in the formative years we ourselves once knew, when wounds can be so grievous, disappointment so profound, and mistaken choices so tragic, but when moral acts and self-fulfillment are still in reach.”


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