Plse xcuse hte typo s

Please don’t excuse the typos in the following story. I’ve taken time to review it, as I do with every post.

I’ve received several emails in the past few weeks with variations of the following tagged on the end:

“Sent from [iPhone, Droid], please excuse the typos.”


I upgraded from a feature phone to an Android smartphone a few weeks ago. Yes, autocorrect sucks. So does Microsoft Word’s spellcheck and grammar check.

Neither program is an excuse for misspelled words. Guess what image that conveys when you send an email riddled with typos from a smartphone?

“Hi, I think I’m super-duper productive because I can answer email on my phone. Lacking a slide-out keyboard, I’m finally absolved of typographical errors. I hope you still take me seriously. Coolio.”

Please excuse my vehement objection.

Texting is different. Slang, exclamation points and dashes everywhere, abbrv. on steroids. Fine.

I draw the line at emails. There is some professionalism left in that mode of communication. Spend 10 seconds and review that email you’re about to send.


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