Rounded up, moved in

I’ve slogged through the point where the galaxies of Goodwill and Target appeared to collide inside my apartment.  Now the destruction of sanity has taken a merry, Kodachrome block texture in my iCal with meetings, meet-ups and preparatory measures for the semester.

First, I’d like to briefly reflect on the summer and my overall impressions of working at Washingtonian magazine.

Put it on paper
I was amazed by how many stacks of that handy, 93.5 square inch surface are utilized in today’s digital environment.

Printouts of research, multiple copies of galleys, pages of potential cover designs. As heady as the implications of 1’s and 0’s are, Dunder Mifflin rules the newsroom.

Speaking of
Those covers are argued over, scrapped, redesigned and tweaked. “Hard-earned” is enough for only Monday. Details are verbally magnified and scrutinized, from fonts and lines to teasers and color combinations.

Actually taking part in the argument rational discussion that could swing more dollars at the newsstand and grocery aisle was exciting.

Take that
Intern talks by several of the staff members, editors and administrators at the magazine were an opportunity to take a break from the office and drill down to a more personal level.

I’ve written about several. As with any advice, you should take it when it suits you; there are plenty of lessons to leave behind, but at least one should stick.

I’m not a follower of Conan O’Brien, but I have taken the liberty to steal a small tidbit of his wisdom for conducting story interviews. Prepare like crazy to wing it. 

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