August, again

Here’s a Möbius strip* to jumper cable your minds back into reading this blog.

Anniversary stories are overrated. 

This is an anniversary story.

To paraphrase comedian Bill Engvall, it was humid last August. Probably will be again next August.

But we pen anniversary stories for a number of reasons. A writer might highlight a significant change since the noted occurrence. Or no change whatsoever. Or highlight the simple passage of time.

We connect as humans through shared experiences. Shared memories are part of that collective existence.

Although the summer has slipped through my fingers once again, I did spend an amazing 10 weeks in Washington, DC. I’ll recap some of my lessons learned in the next post. And maybe, like the Cubs, I’ll win the battle for summer next year.

For now, I’ll simply mention that I began writing this blog one year ago yesterday. It was a class assignment. It’s become an (heathy) addiction 180 posts and 2,400 views later.

Year 2 of grad school started today. For all the writers out there, as always: keep writing. Then write some more.

*Fun fact: Cylinders and Möbius strips both have a Gaussian curvature of zero, as does a torus, at two different points.

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