Watermelons, extra

If you need a break from your hardback summer reading list, here are a few articles to keep you engaged, entertained and confident in long-form journalism. Please, bring a dish to pass.

• The NYT Mag has started a new feature on its blog, called the Long Story Shortlist, a roundup of excellence each week.

• Very interesting article for the sciencey set, nestled in Wired’s June issue. The (print) title takes the halo for enticement: “Angels’ Share.”

• Lamenting tech and longing for analog might be reaching a saturation point, but the author does justice to my favorite season and a time for long, drifting days.

A treatise on television, translated from a French philosopher. Thought provoking at the least:

“Children are told that vulgarity is found in words.  True vulgarity in this world is found in time, in the inability to spend it in any other way than as if it were money, hurry, hurry from a catastrophe to the horse racing results…”

Additionally, some stories I reread, remembered or ran across in recent weeks.

— From my friend, Walker, Gene Weingarten’s classic about a clown and his not-so-funny life.

— And one of the most beautiful and basely human stories from the sports stadiums and bleachers that I’ve ever encountered.

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