Ten rounds of (San) Jose Cuervo

One Vancouver Canucks fan drove 1,000 miles from Canada to California, partied too hard and woke up with a hospital gown and free tickets to Game 5 of the Stanley Cup.

Hear about it?

The story was lost between the riots a few days later and the “its all been done before” similarity to The Hangover plot.

Ignoring any advocacy for irresponsible drinking, the Deadspin article raises questions about the identity of a journalistic piece. I don’t think it qualifies.

It’s an interesting tale — funny, sometimes surprising — but it’s crowdsourcing with an editor.  seems to have filled in a few gaps in the narrator’s alcohol-wiped memory with information from other Canuck-savvy blogs.

Journalism involves facts that can be checked for veracity.

This “article” is more short story, flash fiction or 24-hour video contest material.

Is he sure he drank exactly seven tallboys, a Jagerbomb and a triple vodka-cran? And those hospital bills . . . did the taxpayers of San Jose pick up that tab?

This sham leaves a bad taste in my mouth, though I can’t remember the flavor. Maybe vodka? Maybe Jager.

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