Chef’s order: ignorance

SlashFood is cutting tires (and burgers).

The site reported that the VegNews, a lifestyle magazine for vegetarians and vegans, used real meat photos when presenting recipes.

Rib bones were Photoshopped, chicken soup was sold off as poultry-less, and the magazine only responded with half-hearted begging.

The letter was on the borderline of whining, a beverage that wouldn’t pair well with the “vegan” burger:

No, this isn’t the worst offense to journalistic morals, but the occasion speaks to two important ideas:

1) People still haven’t figured out that lying in the information age is still as easy as a magic meatball recipe. Getting away with it, though, is slim pickings.

2) Companies — media included — haven’t learned to address their publics properly. The Internet allows unprecedented access. Why don’t we tell audiences what’s happening? We have better tools than ever to accomplish this task. 

Cooking isn’t hard and neither is doing the right thing, flame-broiled or not.

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