Slap on a spark arrester

Berkley Hudson always has a few tricks up his sleeve.

He passed around a basket.

It was empty.

“Take a handful,” Berkley implored. “There’s plenty for everyone.”


“You dropped a few on the floor.” Dropped what on the floor?


He felt we needed to use more of them. Short sentences. More power. Better writing.

Among his other DippinDots bits of advice:

• Search for “ly” in a Word document. It passes the taste test: same story, fewer words. “It makes you less jumpy when the chainsaw comes out,” Berkley advises.

• Also search for names, attributions, and words such as: although, is/be, just, only.

• Study your verbs. Should punch replace hit? Can sprint supplant hurry?

• Use 2-3-1. Place the strongest word or idea at the end of a sentence, paragraph or section.

Enjoy Friday, and sharpen those blades for some weekend trimming.

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