We’re gonna put you in the movies

Jacqui Banaszynski handed our class a quote-worthy comment the other night: “Put people back into the movie of their lives.”

Go back and read it again, please.

Banaszynski is known as a skilled interviewer, someone who elicits responses others where can’t or when others won’t try.

She says she invariably encounters the question, “What was it like to win the Pulitzer?”

Her response: “Great.”

Now, ask her where she was when she found out.

She was wearing a grey knit tunic and it was snowing still in Minnesota, and by the way, heels can give you traction in the northern winters, but she’d already climbed over enough icy mounds that day. The room was dark at the bar the political types frequented, a place she wouldn’t normally inhabit nor could normally afford, but her editor was at the back of the room. And her heart was racing. And the bottle of champagne was surely to get her drunk and cry away the misery of losing, but being a finalist was fine, right? Bull. Then the room lit up because her editor was smiling and her teeth were gleaming, and yes, she is shouting across the room. “You did it! We did it! We won!”


A little better, huh?

If you’re a dreamer like me, every once in a while you swear there’s a camera somewhere. This stuff doesn’t happen in reality, right?

“I’m living a movie,” you think to yourself. “My life is a movie.”

And so is everyone else’s.

“Put people back into the movie of their lives.”

We want to be stars, we want our opinions heard, and with a better question, we can give our audiences so much more than “great.”

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