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Chef’s order: ignorance

SlashFood is cutting tires (and burgers). The site reported that the VegNews, a lifestyle magazine for vegetarians and vegans, used real meat photos when presenting recipes. Rib bones were Photoshopped, chicken soup was sold off as poultry-less, and the magazine … Continue reading

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Bits from the j-world

A quick rundown of recent industry news: • The Daily Beast named journalism its most useless degree. More on that soon. • “It was a piece of cake,” said Hubert Schlafly, Jr., of creating the first teleprompter. He died on April 20 at age … Continue reading

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Substituting a text box for a test tube

In the name of science, find me a newspaper. Nuclear reactor meltdown? Sow the seeds of shredded newsprint and sawdust. Need climate change data? Incinerate “ice cores” of the Boston Globe. While that legacy medium makes further contributions to scientific endeavors, science … Continue reading

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Slap on a spark arrester

Berkley Hudson always has a few tricks up his sleeve. He passed around a basket. It was empty. “Take a handful,” Berkley implored. “There’s plenty for everyone.” Silence. “You dropped a few on the floor.” Dropped what on the floor? … Continue reading

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A bigger tool chest

Apparently world views come in triplets at the j-school. I’ve often cited John Schneller’s theory of a journalist’s job to inform, empower, entertain. Clyde Bentley shared his outlook in class the other day: head, heart and hip pocket. For CB, … Continue reading

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