Why news orgs need more Cheez-Its

Why are those birds so angry?

They just scored $42 million in funding. For those who’ve never played, Angry Birds took the Block Breaker principle, added pigs that steal eggs and introduced kamikaze birds who want their unborn returned.

It’s successful and addicting and cheap and addicting.

And addicting.

Journalists need to take notes. Angry Birds won App of the Year at the MWC because it’s popular. The root of the lust it creates lies in its quick access.

• Think multiple

• points of entry

• like these bullets.

Angry Birds is successful because it feeds our “snacking” habit. Tidbits here and there filled with fun in a time-kill space normally reserved for changing ringtones and phone wallpapers. You can play a level in 30 seconds in line at Ingredient.

Mobile puts the focus back on content, not necessarily design. How much money have we spent on websites that still aren’t user friendly with terrible designs and clunky interfaces?

Colorful birds and pigs, with cartoon scenery? Yep.

One of my favorite principles is KISS: keep it simple, stupid. When in doubt, do less. The Internet is cluttered with hyperlinks, misinformation, and enough ego to kill Narcissus twice.

Simple and clean win the day.

Magazine and newspaper websites would look and feel friendlier if they resembled something closer to the layout of this blog.

Instead, readers are stuck with a Jackson Pollack painting of headlines, links and the occasional multimedia piece.

There are plenty of (good) arguments for long-form journalism online.

I’m a student in that school, too. But we can supplement our full stories with hors d’oeuvres and amuse-gueule.

Some readers just need a few bites to warm up to the full banquet we provide every day.

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