Better presentations and gardens

What the heck, I’ll stay.

The last session of the iPad conference boasted a magazine my parents have subscribed to for years. I grew up looking through the pages and pictures of Better Homes & Gardens.

This shattered any warm memories I held.

Admittedly, it could be difficult to wrap up a day-long event, but the session felt more like “How we created our BH&G apps” and “How we are redesigning the website.” It was analytical, impassive.

The only difference between the panel presentation and a pitch to angel investors was the lack of financial numbers to back up BH&G’s proposals.

Also, it would mean that I would likely possess several million dollars.

Michael Belknap and Kitty Morgan are accomplished, but I wouldn’t have given them my (illusory) money. I hardly gave my attention.

Joe McCambley provided some insights:

• Readers love aesthetics. “There’s a sameness about design on the web.”

• Tablets help magazines to update frequently, and thus compete with the web on some level.

And one suggestion I had never considered. If you were to make your portfolio and resumé into an interactive iPad app…

It was quite the contrast to the BH&G panel I attended at a brown bag lunch earlier this semester. This presentation ended the day on noiseless fizzle. Not to mention that staying meant I was late returning my laptop charger I checked out from the j-library.

A waste of time and $2.

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