Do you know your enemy?

Interviews are difficult.

Being interviewed is more difficult.

And the exchange becomes worse when one party enters the process with a deep mistrust. Deeper than the dump trucks’ worth of snow the historic blizzard is currently unloading on CoMo.

Brian Croxall, a librarian at Emory University, isn’t grabbing his shovel to dig us out.

Among the “tips” Croxall foolishly offers:

• “You should never take an interview without having an opportunity to think ahead of time.” (As if we seek to deny any interviewees the chance to gather their thoughts.)

• “And the reporter is essentially a stand-in for that public; remember your rhetoric and be aware of your audience. In other words… Don’t think of an interview as a conversation or dialogue.”

• “The longer you speak on a subject, the easier it is for a journalist to cherry pick the phrases that they like, but you don’t.”

Croxall throws reporters a bone with, “This being said, it’s important to note that most reporters aren’t malicious.”

The article was published on the Chronicle of Higher Education website. Given the credibility attached to such a site, it seems we have a long battle ahead.

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