I’ll take a Fitzgerald, medium rare

Hot water, cold water. Nobody likes lukewarm. Water, pasta or otherwise.

A new trend puts this topic on the front burner.

Pieces of journalistic or literary work naturally have an end (something I’ll talk about next week). Typically, such writing is either a long book or a short article.

A word-count of, say, 15,000 puts the writing effort squarely in No Man’s Land.

Kindle Singles targets the specific, and as yet unaddressed, segment of writing between 10K and 30K words. Too long for magazines and too short for profitable books.

ProPublica and the NYT both have released books in this digital novella format.

“If you look at reporting as something to be ‘product-ified,’ all sorts of possibilities open up for you,” said Jim Schachter, NYT associate managing editor.

As ProPublica noted, this type of format is another way technology can enhance traditional publishing paradigms.

Filling the needs of a market sector that has seen few attempts at monetization should only push Kindle sales higher and further ingrain e-books into the literary psyche.

Gutenberg would be proud.

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