Grab bag for 30

It’s a Sunday without football. Time to enrich your reading list, folks.

Sometimes you need to read articles as they are, without my witty commentary. There’s been much thought-provoking opining in the past few days.

Be sure to catch:

• NYT’s Nick Kristof on the clash between hospitals and Catholic traditionalists.

• Leon Botstein, president of Bard College, reacting to the report that questions the value of the first two years of college.

“No vital connection between learning and life has been forged in our schools…”

• Poynter’s Roy Peter Clark on the divide between social media and legacy media in sports journalism.

“Time is the co-author of good judgment.”

But feel free to skip the Washington Post’s attempt at merging a 150-year-old time gap by tweeting “updates” from the Civil War in the words of people who lived it.

History is fun stuff. Historical events are an important means to put our current lives in perspective.

This is stepping over the Mason-Dixon line, to be sure.

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