100 times better at your front door

It’s the 100th post!

After that judicious use of the exclamation point, let’s get back to visuals. I’ve talked about maps, but another point of ocular struggle for journalists is scale.

Did you know that our first lunar travelers only covered a distance on the moon equivalent to a baseball diamond?

Images of scale go beyond a single map by using multiple maps to convey true relationships of size.

I’ve posted this map of Africa before, but it’s remarkable enough to show again.

The BBC runs a site called Dimensions that puts wide-scale events into hits-close-to-home perspectives.

What if the Gulf oil spill had happened in Columbia, Mo.?

Size doesn’t matter if our public can’t really grasp how massive the story is in terms they understand. The Gulf is a large body of water that I’m sure seemed remote to anyone watching the coverage.

Put that oil slick on top of your home city and outside your readers’ front doors. The impact increases immediately.

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