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Grab bag for 30

It’s a Sunday without football. Time to enrich your reading list, folks. Sometimes you need to read articles as they are, without my witty commentary. There’s been much thought-provoking opining in the past few days. Be sure to catch: • … Continue reading

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Failing to fail

Fail quickly, fail cheaply. It’s an idea from the business world that pushes for innovation through failure. Try a new idea, and cut it quickly if it doesn’t work within a specified time-frame. Media organizations have failed to fail. We … Continue reading

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Kindergarten roundup

Seers of new-age journalism preach that writers should want to include readers in the conversation. News is a two-way street. Journalism’s mighty white tower of decades past is, and should be, replaced with a picnic-style commune with our esteemed audiences. … Continue reading

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Gardens in January

Texts about the theoretical bases of qualitative research quickly gather to an unbearable weight, much like the unwelcome snow outside. (Snow inside isn’t impossible.) It was more than refreshing to grab my PB&J and head to a brown bag lunch … Continue reading

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100 times better at your front door

It’s the 100th post! After that judicious use of the exclamation point, let’s get back to visuals. I’ve talked about maps, but another point of ocular struggle for journalists is scale. Did you know that our first lunar travelers only covered … Continue reading

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