Unsolicited prosociality

The Social Network picked up a half-dozen Golden Globe nominations, and that is absolutely not the reason I’ll be spending more of your time highlighting the high-fliers of the social media world.

• Blue Christmas?  Blue connections, at least.  Check this out, from FB intern Paul Butler:

Butler’s note, describing how he created the picture, is as interesting as the picture is beautiful.

• Meanwhile, Mashable is reporting that FB might be teaming with Netflix in the near future.  If there’s a ceiling on influence and power in the online world, FB hasn’t found it yet.

• More from the Book of Faces, as the site released the status trends for 2010.  (Has anyone really used the acronym HMU?  Stop.)  Twitter shared their version as well, with a more complete picture of the pegs in worldwide conversation.  FYI: Pulpo Paul is the psychic World Cup octopus.

• If you aren’t already bored with recaps, reviews, and top-10 lists for 2010, Twitter expanded on their data with a list of notable tweets. If you didn’t catch the fake BP public relations account, you have some required reading over the holidays.


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