sNOw fun, SnOw boring

It’s a common adage that if work was fun, it wouldn’t be called work.  I’m an annual subscription holder to the theory that work can and should be fun.  The world would be better if everyone wanted to wake up and head to work in the morning.

When K.R. made her “fun dies here” comment in class, it was humorous.  The reality of the situation is less so.

I wrote a typical effects-of-the-first-snow story on my Sunday general assignment shift.  It’s one of those stories nearly every news outlet covers, more to fill space than because anything has really changed since last year.

“Snow!  So the sun isn’t going to fry us this winter.”  Earth-shattering, to be sure.

It’s hard to escape the mire that is the annual story: fall leaves, Easter egg hunts, Christmas pageants, high school homecomings, first snowfall.  We cover these events because they are important to the fabric of the community; they are the sand that fills in around the major stones in our daily lives.

We cover these stories because 364 days is just long enough to forget the magic of each event.

To celebrate this not-really newness, I wanted a fun lead.  If it’s the same topic as last year, I at least want to stand out.  This year was punctuated by a pile up of several minor collisions, including a tow truck and a police vehicle, at the bottom of a hill.

Lead #1: Paintings of picturesque holiday street scenes never show the cars sliding into one another.

Lead #2: School was in session this weekend, as motorists had to relearn the annual “driving in the snow” lesson with the first snowstorm of the year on Saturday.

What made it onto the website?

In the aftermath of wintry weather Saturday night and Sunday morning, Columbia motorists were forced to relearn how to drive in the snow — with some hazardous outcomes.

I loved #1 and was okay with #2.  I don’t see the magic in the final lead, just another snow story.

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