Monday funday

I’m use Axe, but the Old Spice campaign is too good.  I might have to switch.

Seriously.  It’s among the best campaigns in terms of social media buzz, but really, they’re just nonsensically humorous.

Dr. Seuss?  Not quite, but good enough to have plenty of parodies.

Sesame Street produced a parody with Grover. BYU crafted a fantastic knock-off.  Imitations are marvelous.

Another campaign that pops into my mind is for Netflix: a radio commercial mock-quiz show.

“And now, for the bonus round.  Complete the following sequence:



“If pie is in the sky, where’s cake?”

“A distant meadow.”


And finally, some juicy goodness to round out your Monday.  Fun facts from Snapple, some of which need to be verified.

The average lifespan of a taste bud may be only 10 days, but a duck’s quack definitely does echo (hint: original sound waves hit your ear at the same time as the echo).

Also, the “facts” claim that seven letters look the same when right side up and upside down.  I counted only four: c, l, o, x.

Hooray, fact checking.

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