Links that aren’t flaky

Four inches of snow and a couple-dozen-degrees difference in temperature really ratchets up the holiday spirit, even if it brings down any motivation to leave my apartment.

Although, I do need groceries.

Here are a few highlights from recent days, in case you too are snowed in, under, or out.

• A wonderful nugget and photo gallery detailing the crooked border between Queens and Brooklyn.

• An interesting argument for sunset provisions on U.S. laws.  Those “Crazy, but True” law aggregations shouldn’t exist.

• The economy produces warehouses full of data, but maybe we should start ignoring the unemployment figures.

• Skipping Christmas is worthwhile holiday read: enough to fill you up with fireplace warmth, and thin enough to leave room for plenty of baking.  But a War on Christmas?

• For those who haven’t been paying attention, a quick recap of why newspapers are facing rough roads and tough decisions.

• Top-10 lists are a cheap way to fill late-December space for news organizations.  But a Year in Review Top 10? Thanks, Romenesko.

An article from SI that reminds me why I love participating in and watching sports. Life, distilled.

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