‘Tis the (social media) season

This morning, I slept in for the first time in weeks.  Classes are over, so I woke up and loaded Facebook immediately.

It was my birthday earlier this week, and I had to catch up on plenty of reposting and replying.  I love Facebook.  I enjoy social media, and I’m addicted to blogging.

I don’t buy the arguments that social media is dulling the real relationships – I don’t use FB to connect with people I see every day.

I keep in touch with professors from my undergrad, my teammates back at Ambrose, high school friends (and some of their parents).

Yet the arguments continue: to post or not to post?  A great debate series from Webby addressed the topic a couple weeks ago.

“When everybody’s shouting, nobody is listening,” argued Paul Carr, a columnist for TechCrunch who took a social media hiatus.

Founder of WineLibraryTV.com, Gary Vaynerchuk, said social media creates micro changes that add up to something quite significant.  A self-described optimist, Vaynerchuk is also a prolific social media user.

To really jump inside the brains behind one of the most popular and polarizing social reconstructions, check out the huge New Yorker profile of the now-infamous Mark Zuckerberg.  I’m not thrilled with the lead, but the piece reveals Zuckerberg in ways that the Social Network could not.

And while not quite social media, Google’s Zeitgeist search trender and the slick accompanying video recap 2010 in the digital world.

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