Another brick from the wall

Following up on yesterday’s books/Internet debate, a few more developments this week serve as salient points.  The book publishing castle is losing more stones.

Google this

Google opened for book business on Monday by debuting its eBookstore, in direct competition with Amazon. The offerings will be readable on multiple devices, except the Amazon Kindle.

A peek into Amazon’s collective psyche: “Oh, shit.”

Google is embracing the growing consensus of journalistic tea-leaf readers in arguing for a multiple-screen future.  eBooks will be stored in the cloud, that fun-loving abstraction that describes the information in the always-accessible ether.

Furthermore, nearly 3 million (and counting) books in the Google store are in the public domain.  PD, that spells free.

Noble intentions

A major investment company that owns 37 percent of Borders has offered to buy Barnes & Noble.  USA Today reported yesterday that B&N has internal leadership conflicts between major shareholders, but Borders’ revenue is also down 12 percent year-over-year.

Classic capitalist business principles say that B&N will simply let Borders languish, removing another competitor from the market.

The Internet isn’t going anywhere, though.

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