Deadly Hallows: newspaper design

Let’s explore newspaper design, courtesy of Tony’s link on Facebook.

Newspaper innovation is flagging in a time when it needs to be shooting fireworks.  Ask any good entrepreneur or business devotee: reinvesting in the business and pushing ahead when competitors are backing off are worthwhile risks.

Media design specialist Mario Garcia wasn’t thrilled with his visit to American newsrooms in a Nieman article.

Why are American newspapers less willing to experiment, to take that leap into the future, to analyze their products and to adapt them to the realities of a multi-platform world?”

That last point, multi-platform world, is where American newspapers have lost their way.

Today’s media environment is about complementarity not competition.

Garcia, who has consulted with newsrooms in about every place except Antarctica (and maybe Trinidad and Tobago – purely speculation on my part), said he believes that print should accept a different role.

As we know, newspaper publishers and to a lesser extent, editors, aren’t the most receptive to ideological shifts.

Print needs to be saved from being “being sidelined, ignored and put to a slow death,” as Garcia said in a 2008 blog post.

Salvation isn’t coming without a serious investment of time and energy to pump life into our U.S. newsprint.

Which would you rather read?

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