Call it like you see it.

I enjoy reading the USA Today, but they screwed up in a big way.

The financial section of the USAT weekend edition featured a cover story about former executives who have taken lower-paying jobs.  Fair enough.

Yet the article was nowhere near humble.  This should be a sensitive issue given the much greater plight of the larger majority of Americans.

It was an interesting take on a topic that won’t be receding from the pages and telecasts anytime soon.  But, c’mon.  Run a smaller story, or at least find different execs.

Greg Corkett, the article’s opening character, is currently living in a $1 million dollar home in New York.  Mike Sebastian had to discontinue piano lessons for his kids.  Another interviewee is only making $50,000 now.

I’ll reiterate that I commend the attempt to cover the same story from a new angle, but this is absurd.  People are struggling for their lives in this economy, and readers are supposed to care about a former exec who had to cancel piano lessons for his children?

In the journalism documentary, “Reporter,” New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof says his job is to make people care about issues halfway around the world.  Genocide in Darfur or tribal militias in the Congo.

A story about execs who are still living well in a time of economic disparity doesn’t sit well with me, and I doubt I’m the only reader who doesn’t care.

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