Golden cables


Have I raised your blood pressure yet? Tweaked a heartstring or a chord of outrage?

I acknowledge that some of the files that this group has surreptitiously garnered have provided some insightful introspection into U.S. governmental politics and policies.

But WikiLeaks’ work is largely uninteresting. Boring, even.  These aren’t tapes or documents that directly implicate a President in criminal activity (Watergate).  Their documents don’t link military activities and political mistruths (Pentagon Papers).

Sure, journalism is here for the protection of ideals that are integral to the governing and freedom of a democracy.  WikiLeaks is not journalism, and the importance and impact of these papers has been largely overblown by news outlets.

Fortunately, some people have the right perspective.  One Washington Post columnist offered a humorous take on the voluminous spew of papers.

Evidence article A of the non-issue these leaks created: a foreign diplomatic cable on a wedding. A wedding. We’re spending government time writing about a wedding thousands of miles from any U.S. border.

Outside the issue of antiquated language (cables? makes me think of ski-lifts or trolleys, not telegraphs), this trove of fool’s gold is only worthy of a compelling novella, not CNN coverage.

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