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Luzster of midday

Snow has sparkle, but lighted letters are a bit more dramatic. Artists and literary purveyors at luzinterruptus spent 14 hours hanging 1000 lighted envelopes containing poetry for a festival in Madrid this past October. Creative promotion that incorporates literature and … Continue reading

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Finding TIME

I’ve never read a full issue of TIME magazine — or the Economist or the Atlantic. Does this make me a terrible magazine scholar? Maybe, but I crossed the first title off the list with the Person of the Year double … Continue reading

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I pledge allegiance

What do you believe in? Pardon the dangling preposition, but it’s an important question, especially in an industry that is changing faster than the weather. Using a few Cmd-C and Cmd-V to borrow from Walter Williams’ Journalist Creed, I crafted … Continue reading

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The Face of social media

Gosh, I wanted to buy each of you a bungalow by the ocean, but I settled on another in a series of social media posts. Hope you remembered me on your gift list. TIME named Mark Zuckerberg as Person of … Continue reading

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Unsolicited prosociality

The Social Network picked up a half-dozen Golden Globe nominations, and that is absolutely not the reason I’ll be spending more of your time highlighting the high-fliers of the social media world. • Blue Christmas?  Blue connections, at least.  Check … Continue reading

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