Imagine that

You can blame imagination.

You can blame it for missing that key lecture point in class because you were doodling.

You can blame the lack of it for the downfall of just about any business, including the journalism industry.

One NYT column argues that the lack of imagination might cripple a blooming new field of journalism before it has a chance to survive the industry’s current nuclear winter.

I’ve previously written on this blog that living on the edge of this cresting journalistic wave is exhilarating.  Every day is rife with opportunity for accomplishing something new and great.  Game-changing, even.

The NYT piece discusses the ho-hum world of uncreative apps, especially for books and magazines.  Both forms lend themselves to outrageously different, enhanced, better experiences on an iPad, yet the designers and coders exploiting this advantage are scarce.

Evoking what K.R. said in class a few weeks ago, referencing the newsroom: “It’s like there is this invisible sign above the door that says, Laughter Dies Here.  That’s gotta stop.”

Yes, laughter and creativity should be a major part of journalism, and if not anywhere else, at least in the app world.

For this reason, I’ll drag myself out of my warm apartment to trudge to campus in the snow flurries and single-digit wind chill to meet with strangers (aka, prospective team members) to begin a journey of unknown length and time (probably too long and not enough) to build one app worth the money.

But I do enjoy leading, so nothing new there.

“And when things start to happen, don’t worry, don’t stew.  Just go right along.  You’ll start happening too.  Oh!  The places you’ll go!”

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