Stupid is as stupid does

Crime doesn’t pay.  Neither does hostility.

Stick a fork in Cooks Source magazine, the scandal is done.

It was reported that blogger Monica Gaudio’s recipe had been lifted outright by the magazine.  Upon Gaudio’s call for payment – a $130 donation to a school – the magazine retorted that editing takes work.  It should, in fact, be Gaudio paying the magazine for her own work to be published.

Contents of that letter from CS editor Judith Griggs remain sourced only to Gaudio, but the Internet erupted in backlash like an exploding soufflé.

Mashable is now reporting that Griggs has released an apology.  Don’t try to find it: the CS website is no longer functional.  In the letter, Griggs implies that her magazine will close, ending with a call for Gaudio to have “given me a chance.”

A chance?  Griggs had a $130 chance, but reportedly disregarded it. Stupid.  Other publications should take this as a warning shot. Plagiarism is not okay, even if you have a recognizable brand name and a fancy published product.

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