Rowe your boat

Returning to what Sandy Rowe said in her speech with us, she stressed using journalism to not only tell great stories, but to incite positive action leading to necessary change.

FastCo. had two articles in the October issue that echoed her message.

Nate Mook spoke to the magazine about public activism.  Moot is the entrepreneur behind the TEDxOilSpill conference, an offshoot of the TED expo.  “That’s where you see social media being powerful, when it connects people to bring about real change.”

“I’m very interested in using storytelling to create positive change in the world,” said Tim Kring, “to go where people are connected and harness the power of that interconnectivity to do something positive.” Kring is the creator of NBC’s Heroes, talked with FastCo. in a Q&A session.

“If you were going into a studio or a network to pitch a television show and you have not thought at all about how it’s going to live on any other platform, you’re really missing the boat” Kring said.

He seems to be attending the same cocktail party as Susan Hassler, editor-in-chief of IEEE’s magazine Spectrum.  Hassler spoke at MU in September and stressed the needed flexibility of journalists to move across media, from writing to video to audio to web.  She compared print-only to the dinosaurs.

Flexibility is also a capacity of the mind, as discussed in a fantastic editorial from the website.  Why can’t large companies solve big problems?  Rigid human capital structures that limit free, original thinking.

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