Graph it

Most online readers are like my friend Mitch.

“I look for pictures.  When I don’t see any of those floating around, I tend to just nod my head in approval and click elsewhere.”

His comment is my moment of clarity and your moment of newsy fun for the day.

Infographics help to take complex ideas – concepts that words would mangle, confuse, or misappropriate – and turn them into understandable pictures.  Dare I say, art.

Think you know the true size of Africa?  You do not.

We really don’t really recycle enough.

Hilarious map of the social network sphere.

Bedbugs, bedbugs, everywhere, but not a single leech.

From the archives of the totally useless, and not just because it’s a simple chart – peak times for Facebook breakups.

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One Response to Graph it

  1. Tomlin says:

    As a sportswriter, nothing irritates me more than the phone call:

    “How come we didn’t get a picture in the paper?”

    Especially concerning a Tuesday night volleyball game an hour away from the office (an example, not being specific)…

    Or telling the caller no one has ever covered as much (insert tennis, soccer, cross country here) as we have this year… To which you get the response:

    “Yeah, but there aren’t ever any pictures and that’s all people really care about.”


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