True story

For starters, the Faurot Field 30 have been wholly exonerated.  Police will not pursue trespassing charges against the group of students randomly arrested among thousands on the football field last Saturday after Mizzou’s Homecoming win against #1 Oklahoma.  I am grateful that level heads (or strategic PR) prevailed.  “It’s nice to know the University has a soul,” said Sen. Kurt Schaefer, an early advocate for leniency.

In other news, Brixey pulled me out of G.K.’s class today to fly on my broom to Fult0n.  “You have 39 minutes to make a 40 minute drive.”  I drove hastily (80ish) and was late to the press conference by more than one minute.

Feeling ten steps behind and trying not to act like my mind was still in Columbia, I scrabbled together some questions and straightened my day out.  Triple homicide.  Assault for attempting to kill a fourth. Unbelievable.

As I stood in the warm sun of October’s dying days, I was struck by how far removed from campus life I had come. I sat on the courthouse steps to wait for a trial hearing.  My mind swept back to campus, picturing the transition between classes, as thousands of students scuffle through a sea of warm-toned leaves.

I had been in class just a short while before, and now I was sifting through court documents for man accused of killing three of his fellow human beings.  Transition, anyone?

Once again I was able to convince family members to talk – family members who had experienced and were still dealing with a massive tragedy.  I’m struggling to figure out what quality I possess that keeps people from hanging up or walking away, even after they explicitly state that they will not talk to me.

Curiouser and curiouser.

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