A jumble of good fun today.

• From the RJI blog, a discussion of Opportunistic Discovery of Information (ODI).  The argument goes that in our rapid, mad-dash haste to projectile-launch anything and everything online, journalism needs to find that magic spark that sets old guard print apart from new-school suave.

ODI in print is serendipity – finding information you hadn’t planned to discover while in search of what you did intend to seek out. How can journalism create these chance encounters digitally?

• A simple, elegant sum of the Internet/privacy relationship, from Flowing Data.

Chatroulette has turned into some weird, culturally sensation.  I mean, who doesn’t want to chat with random strangers, right?  Not that I don’t enjoy the antics of YouTube sensation Merton (and his piano skills), but I’m not signing up for the service.  Ever.

Now the video service will have a partner in the new TextSlide.  Same concept, no faces.  I really don’t understand what the appeal is here. Teens are already throwing 3,000 or more texts into cyberspace every month.  Let’s add top it off with communication to complete strangers. And don’t try to sell this as a networking tool, either.  #next.

• “5 Tips to Report on Anything,” from the New Yorker’s George Packer. Most notably, capitalizing on outsider status and using a guiding question (an anti-thesis argument).

• As part USA Today‘s restructuring, the paper will form an investigative reporting unit.  Good.  Probably a little late, but good.

• News21 student journalists had their story picked up by national outlets.  I might be rethinking that idea not to apply for this summer. Searching the inbox….

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