What an outstanding weekend to be a Missouri Tiger.  MU and the entire Columbia community showed the nation how mid-Missouri does Homecoming.  Glad those anti-rain dancing classes paid off.

I didn’t just survive 25 hours without sleep and sans caffeine, I flourished.

ESPN’s College GameDay was in town for its first visit ever, attracting a record crowd of 18,000 black-and-gold fanatics to Francis Quad.  Seen from above, the Columns appear to barely hold back a swarm of bees.

I’m an ESPN junkie, a sports fanatic, and I had eagerly awaited to GameDay’s visit.  It was a sight.

Tweets from frontman Chris Fowler:

“Don’t know about 18k crowd count.. No way to know and we don’t get caught up in “record” crowds. They were loud, creative, and classy..

“Thanks to the many thousands at the ‘Zou this am. One of the all time backdrops for Gday. memorable for all of us. Let’s do it again.”

Brewer Breakfast.  Homecoming Parade.  Tiger Walk.  Tailgating.

And 20 seconds into the football game – oh yea, there was a football game – Mizzou lead by a touchdown, returning the opening kickoff in a raucous atmosphere.

To think that I almost didn’t buy a ticket

MU got the victory over #1 OU, and I found myself joyfully smashed in a group of thousands for the second time in the day.  Agenda: storm the field, tear down the goalposts, and haul the massive pipes downtown for the celebration.  Yes, I have a piece.

We may not have invented Homecoming, but CoMo certainly turned out one hell of a performance.

My first MU Homecoming: success.

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