Bad news: no news

Busy is a relative word.  I’ve been busy this week, but not in the sense that I’ve had more to do.  Obligations for stories, classes, and other academia-related meetings have shaken my schedule.

An hour or two is free here or there, but the week has lacked a large chunk of time to accomplish anything, including writing for this blog or reading a daily newspaper.

I’ve felt a little isolated, cut off.  I haven’t been near a TV for Nightly News with Brian Williams, and I haven’t been able to listen to a full podcast yet.  USA Today has beckoned, but remained in the newspaper stand, awaiting another of my peers.

Or not.

A study released in September by the Pew Research Center found that 17 percent of Americans reported getting no news in the previous day.

No news.

As for my peers, the 18 to 24 crowd, the number jumps to 31 percent.

Nearly one in three of my peers had no interaction with news yesterday. How hip are we?

It’s a choice.  News can be found everywhere.  And no, your best friend finally making it Facebook-official with the girl he’s been hooking up with for months is not news.

Is the Pew Center not asking the right questions?  Is my cohort finding news on sites and via channels not reported in the study?

The report addresses John Stewart and Steven Colbert.  I find news on MSN and other aggregators, and Pew acknowledges that those statistics may not be fully represented.

Still.  No news?

Wake up people.  If we’re here to change the world, we have to know what’s happening and what needs changing.


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