the BEST articles EVER!!

There are two ways to find information on the Internet.  “Search” is the efficient method, but “stumble” is the remarkably interesting route.

I stumbled upon – and anyone who has visited the Internet for 5 minutes knows it’s the most splendid path to discovery – an article touting the “BEST” magazine articles “EVER.”

On most exams, any answer containing either of those two extremes could automatically be ruled out as incorrect.  BEST!! EVER!!

Without donating an entire post to the avoidance of trite modifiers, I’ll quickly send you on your way to the really interesting stuff.

• Even the financiers of Wall Street didn’t understand the fantastically complicated realm of sub-prime mortgage-backed bonds.  This detailed look at the corruption is a twisting narrative that reads like warped fiction.  Mind-blowing.

• Something about a good thief strikes a chord in me.  Intelligence, cunning and the ever-elusive adrenaline rush.  I would love to interview this guy personally.

• Goldman Sachs is the devil. A corporation of evil doers and villainous masterminds. An incarnate version of everything wrong in the world.  GMS is fed on power and raised on greed.  And yet, I’ll bet you still want to buy their stock.

• Art, subterfuge and da Vinci’s fingerprints.  You’ll be begging for subheads, but press on beleaguered reader.  The reward is worth the trip through this prose forest.  It’s not ice cream, but it’s still pretty good.

• A foreigner delivers an eye-opening account of what the oil spill means to the U.S. and to humanity.  “Obama cannot order fish species to survive, or brown pelicans not to go extinct (no matter whose ass he kicks).”

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