Blind to the meaning

Feel-good stories feel good.  Hence the name.  They are enjoyable reads. Success in the face of overwhelming adversity, falling precipitously only to rise from the ashes, among other achievements.  It’s starkly human.

USA Today ran an article this weekend about the adventures of a group of blind people who hiked a national landmark.

The dek read: ‘Don’t look down’ not a problem for adventurers tackling Grand Canyon.

I’m sure it wasn’t intended as a jest, but it aggravates me nonetheless.

Apparently the dek fulfilled some urgent need for explanation beneath the headline, “Blind hikers know no limits.”

It totally killed the story for me.  Am I being too sensitive?

Faced with a fantastic triumph of human spirit and determination, the editors felt that an ironic spin on a classic vertigo-inducing line was necessary.

I don’t understand.

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