Can you sum up your story in one word?

It’s a difficult question, but one of many we as writers can ask ourselves to push a little harder for that great story.  Don’t settle for mediocrity. C’s may get degrees, but “average” doesn’t change the world.

An Ohio girl is a kicker for her high school football team.  Under the Friday night lights, she converts her first three extra points of the season and is crowned as the Homecoming Queen.

One word: juxtaposition.  Or perhaps, extraordinary.

If you aren’t pulling your hair out yet with the one-word-summary attempts, try a few more boundary-pushers.

What’s the point of the story?

Why does the story matter?

What does this story say about life, the world, the times in which we live?

Those questions carry some heavy weight.  Nothing of iron or lead. Rather, the burden of the borderline existential.  It’s easy to shrug them off, like it’s easy to quit or settle.

Far more difficult is the struggle to push for immortal writing that is paired with an equally compelling, meaningful and worthwhile story.

But hey, the Pulitzer Prize is overrated, right?  And the NYT Bestseller List is for overachievers.  Back to the couch, for you, I suppose.

I have a story to write.

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