Good night, and good riddance

I sat down to write a post an hour ago.

Spin class with the triathlon team was a success, the shower felt great, and it was time to find some inspiration before bed.  That 7 a.m. swim workout always arrives sooner than I want it.

Then a siren passed my window.  And another.  And another.  And another.

It was quarter after ten, I was tired, and yet…. Damn curiosity complex. Google.  CoMo fire dispatch.  Nine units.  Structure fire.  MapQuest.  Realllllyyyyy close.  2.5 miles close.

Camera, notepad, and car keys in tow, I headed out.  Good song on the radio.  Good night.

It turned out to be some smoke and not much else.  Another Missourian reporter showed up, and then two more, so I left.

Well, tried to leave.

My keys were not in my pocket.  They sat conveniently next to my apartment key on the center console inside my truck, while my doors were locked.

I marched back up to the scene, not to ask the officers about the incident, but to inquire as to any good techniques for breaking into a car.

There was a spare key hidden somewhere underneath the truck, so I began to search.  I ingested my daily level of protein from the pleasant rain of rust flakes floating down off tubings and pipings on the undercarriage.  Who really needs Wheaties?

Forty-five minutes later, I had numb hands, one key, the need for another shower and one shooting star sighting.  Ideal conditions for shooting star viewing parties do not include laying on the asphalt of a stranger’s driveway in early October at 11:30 p.m.

And all for a non-story I wasn’t even obligated to cover.  It’s quite tempting to leave curiosity on the nightstand and shut off the lights next time.

I’m headed to bed now – the 7 a.m. swim workout is much closer.

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